Online Solutions

As the leading online surveyplatform, WENJUAN.COM supports innovative question
type customizations and focus on improving user experience of taking surveys.
We guarantee the quality and efficiency of online research project execution.

Mission of Online Survey


We always apply the latest tech achievements into accurate sample collection and quality control of research process. And we strive to get more accurate, objective and authentic data and information.


We understand what efficiency means to the survival and development of a company nowadays.
Therefore, we always strive to provide customers with more valuable research findings in shorter time.


Not only do we want to be a qualified data collector, but we strive to provide customers with customized research solutions by combining technology with traditional research models.

Our Strengths


Scheme for Mobile Delivery

APP Channel SMS Channel WeChat Channel

iDiaoYan APP

Cooperative APP Implantation Intercept

Cooperative APP Ads

SMS Channel

SMS Channel- High Dlivery Rate and Quick Responses Guide users to follow the Your Brand's WeChat Official Account after they finish responding to surveys.
Responsive questionnaire design on various mobile devices; Users can start to answer questions as long as they click on the links.


Click on links and enter surveys

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WeChat Channel

Perfect responsive questionnaire design on WeChat - You can distribute our surveys to your
WeChat official account. You can embed survey links in WeChar articles. Your
respondents can participate in surveys by clicking on "Read More" in the WeChat articles.

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