Wenjuan Pro


It is a practical quantitative data collection and management system with efficient and rapid implementation. We can collect data with multiple devices including PCs, mobile phones and tablets; It is an inexpensive, efficient and dynamic system.

Six Major Features

A Brand New, Stable and Reliable Engine for Answering Questions
Expand system framework based on customer needs
Built-in mechanism of data security
Userfriendly experience of responding to surveys
Highend and User-friendly Questionnaire Design
Easy to use
Distribute surveys with one simple click
Plug-and-Play Question Type Management
Support 21 common question types
Plug-ins of new question types
Powerful Customization of Survey System
Support branding customization in survey design
Personalization of survey platform on PC, tablet and mobile phone
Highend themes and logic settings
Perfect Support for Research Project Implementation on Multiple Devices
Responsive questionnaire design on PCs, tablets and mobile phones
Support entering survey by scanning QR codes
Flexible Account Authority Management
Flexibility of authority assignment to different accounts
Logical organization management

FlySurvey - Offline Solution to Questionnaire Answer

Even without Internet connection, surveys can be conducted without restrictions on time and locations.

We support getting location information.

It is convenient to conduct offline surveys, check data statistics and upload data and evidence at anytime.

We support silent recording of interviews by taking photos, audio recording and video recording.

We support built-in reliable phone preventing data loss.

We support checking offline questionnaire answer progress and statistic analysis of data.

How to Use Offline FlySurvey