Offline Solutions

Quantitative data collection by mystery shoppers

Qualitative research projects: in-depth interviews and focus groups

Our Strenghths


Rich resources of recruiting respondents

Skillful and responsible staff

Various fields

Resource sharing

Extensive social networks

First-hand information


Consumer Interview Room

In-depth Interview Room

Premium Meeting Room

VIP Creative Workshop

Observation Room

Premium Customer Room

VIP Client Meeting Room

Location of Cities

Over 100 offline agencies over China

Completed over 500 research projects

Partnered with over 50 offline vendors

Completed over 300 quantitative research projects

Completed over 200 qualitative research projects

Hardware Agents


Project Execution Flow


Quality Control

Phone Review

QC team reviews the success rate of all quantitative projects by phone.

On-site Quality Control

In the quantitative projects of street intercept interview, on-site QC supervisors monitor, intercept and screen interviewees in the whole process. Besides, part-time mystery shoppers would conduct random inspection.

Data Inspection

All interviewees who participate in focus groups and in-depth interviews are re-screened beforehand to ensure that they didn't participate in any other research activities in the past 6 months.

Identity Verification

In qualitative projects such as focus groups, QC team reviews 30% of the interviewees on phone. Our company check the ID cards of all interviewees by identity verification devices to confirm their identities. When it comes to maternal and child projects, parents are required to provide the birth certificates of their babies. Interviewees of certain current consumer group have to bring relevant photos or products to the group.